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instagram ligneroset 1

19/08/2019 • A stage set for creativity: Rewrite by @gamfratesi offers an encircling dome, as if to create a platform for focus, ideating, and ...


instagram ligneroset 2

17/08/2019 • A quiet nook for novels. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Defined by its details - rippled stitching, a subtly dipped seat, & the absence of a heavy ...


instagram ligneroset 3

16/08/2019 • Reminiscent of rippling ocean waves sprawling across the sand, the Gavrinis 3 rug by Pierre Paulin takes the designer’s ...


instagram ligneroset 4

16/08/2019 • Suggesting the promise of a restful night’s sleep, the Nador bed eases the eye with plump, quilted stitching and effortless ...


instagram ligneroset 5

14/08/2019 • As if a thick, weighted blanket had been strewn across a delicate frame, Ruché by @ingasempe takes expertly pleated fabric and ...


instagram ligneroset 6

13/08/2019 • As gently caressing as the wind rustling through the trees, Okura by Eric Jourdan eases the mind with restful contours & ...


instagram ligneroset 7

12/08/2019 • Meandering armrests and an airy foam form that appears to lift from the ground define the lush comfort of Cosse by Philippe ...


instagram ligneroset 8

10/08/2019 • An idyllic indoor escape.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ From its characteristic plump form and hugging, clean lines, Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin ...


instagram ligneroset 9

07/08/2019 • Vast, restful, complete. Nomade 2 by Didier Gomez takes the original 1996 Nomade sofa and introduces a more urban spirit: lighter ...


instagram ligneroset 10

06/08/2019 • Paradise in pink. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A design set apart by detailed stitching and an architectural inner foam structure, Togo by ...


instagram ligneroset 11

05/08/2019 • At once stoic and appearing to float above the ground, Smala by Pascal Mourgue incorporates an adjustable, lifted end to ...


instagram ligneroset 12

03/08/2019 • Translating to the Greek number ‘9,’ Ennea by Vincent Tordjman rests on a base of three triangles, or nine vectors. The ...