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19/10/2019 • Slivers of sunshine, slivers of oak. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ In a warm, inviting scene with Togo by Michel Ducaroy, the Alburni tables by ...


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17/10/2019 • Settle in. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Evoking the warmth and comfort of a quilt, the Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy offers a welcoming, soft ...


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15/10/2019 • Consisting of Tuscan stone that appears to emerge from the ground, the W8 table by @gillesalain anchors itself into floor, though ...


instagram ligneroset 4

10/10/2019 • With Riga by Eric Jourdan, the typically static, rigid lines of an archetypal sofa are softened, as if elasticized, offering a ...


instagram ligneroset 5

09/10/2019 • A minimalist abode. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Designed by Claude Brisson, Multy is a cloud-like escape: plush foam & a versatile design allow ...


instagram ligneroset 6

08/10/2019 • Designed by Peter Maly, the Spirit of Forest table encapsulates every meaning of its name: crafted from natural European walnut, ...


instagram ligneroset 7

07/10/2019 • A contemporary representation of ergonomic design sensibilities, Archi by Pierre Paulin is a medley of soothing slopes & copious ...


instagram ligneroset 8

05/10/2019 • Designed by Pierre Paulin, the Anda armchair offers ample curves, a scooped seat, and structured foam in one form - a testament ...


instagram ligneroset 9

03/10/2019 • A balancing act between a puffed, pillowed form & firm, structured support, Calin by Pascal Mourgue is emblematic of turning the ...


instagram ligneroset 10

02/10/2019 • A seat dreamt up for warm, casual moments spent with guests, Moel by @ingasempe is a throne of foam meant to invite, envelop, and ...


instagram ligneroset 11

01/10/2019 • A quintessential example of enveloping form, Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin dips, curves, and hugs, offering a safe haven for every ...


instagram ligneroset 12

30/09/2019 • Revolving around the language of shape & form, the Postmoderne desk by Eric Jourdan takes natural wood, and reevaluates the ...