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28/02/2020 • Take your quest with you on #PixelbookGo or #Pixel4 with @googlestadia. Just make sure you have Wi-Fi ...


07/02/2020 • No need to dodge those robocalls. Call Screen on #pixel4 has the Google Assistant automatically answer unknown callers for you, ...


instagram madebygoogle 3

30/01/2020 • When developing the @googlestadia Controller, our design team explored soft pops of color to create a device that fits seamlessly ...


instagram madebygoogle 4

14/01/2020 • Complex interior. Sleek exterior. Inspired by handcrafted ceramics, #nestwifi looks great in any room, and blankets your home ...


instagram madebygoogle 5

10/01/2020 • At #CES2020, the @google Assistant shows all the help you can get when you say ...


instagram madebygoogle 6

02/01/2020 • Hear that? That’s Nest Wifi playing your favorite album* and answering your questions. Yep, now the new Nest Wifi point gives ...


instagram madebygoogle 7

27/12/2019 • Nest Mini has a mighty sound and is thoughtfully designed. The speaker fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled ...


instagram madebygoogle 8

19/12/2019 • To design Nest Mini’s form and fabric, Google’s design team began with materials and shapes that are inspired by your home. ...


instagram madebygoogle 9

13/12/2019 • Get a grip! Pixelbook Go’s textured bottom and lightweight design allows for on-the-go moves, so you can make it from meeting ...


instagram madebygoogle 10

08/12/2019 • The Stadia Controller was inspired by real world objects made to the form of your hand—like a chef’s knife or bike ...


instagram madebygoogle 11

06/12/2019 • Pixel 4 fabric cases that fit like a 🧤 and look ✨. Designed with unique textures and iconic colors, they protect your phone ...


instagram madebygoogle 12

04/12/2019 • Each aspect of the new Pixelbook Go was designed with you in mind. The Hush Keys ™ were crafted to keep tapping on the DL, so ...