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instagram poggenpohlkitchens 1

25/06/2019 • Handleless, uncompromising, unrivaled. +SEGMENTO Y — #poggenpohl #SEGMENTOY #handlesskitchen #madeingermany ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 2

20/06/2019 • Relevant to the here and now. Relevant to you. Experience the latest collection +SEGMENTO Y. — #poggenpohl #SEGMENTOY ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 3

11/06/2019 • +SEGMENTO Y is the kitchen that blends into any space without dominating it. Whether in a compact city apartment or a capacious ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 4

04/06/2019 • Coming home means: arriving. Retreating. Breathing. Discover +SEGMENTO Y! — #poggenpohl #SEGMENTOY #kitchendesign ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 5

29/05/2019 • +SEGMENTO Y: the reinterpretation of the modern classic +SEGMENTO. — #poggenpohl #SEGMENTOY #kitchendesign #madeingermany ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 6

23/05/2019 • Innovative nanotech surface is used for the furniture fronts and worktops of +SEGMENTO Y. Creating the appearance of a seamless, ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 7

20/05/2019 • Create drama with just two color shades: the spacer has a contrasting color and deliberately scaled back. Resulting in the ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 8

09/05/2019 • Authentic neutral. A celebration of artistry. Stunning contrasts. More freedom. More classic. Now for you. ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 9

03/05/2019 • Discover the new +SEGMENTO Y. More compact, confidently monochrome, youthful. Exclusively available in black, white and grey. ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 10

18/04/2019 • SMART GARDENING: The path from the vegetable patch to the plate could not be any shorter. Grow your own herbs in the Plantcube ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 11

10/04/2019 • Join us for this year’s at the Poggenpohl flagship store at Via Galileo Galilei 12, Milan. Get inspired by ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 12

26/03/2019 • Ever since, Poggenpohl kitchens are developed, designed and produced at the headquarter in Herford, Germany. Made in Germany at ...