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instagram tobiasgrau_official 1

22/05/2019 • Timon and Melchior Grau, Art Directors of @tobiasgrau_official were featured amongst 200 designers, architects, artists and ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 2

10/05/2019 • Let light drop from above with FALLING. Our iconic pendant luminaire creates brilliant spots of illumination from its pure, ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 3

03/05/2019 • We’re delighted to have returned to the Salone del Mobile with this display, exploring light as a fluid, adaptive, and ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 4

03/05/2019 • Together, we create elegant and expressive tools for lighting. Minimal in form and poetic in gesture, our luminaires embody ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 5

01/05/2019 • Our exhibition concept for Salone del Mobile developed the freedom and motion integral to our portable lamp designs. The 256 ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 6

30/04/2019 • Sweet SIXTEEN at Salone del Mobile. Documentation: #SimonMenges #TobiasGrau #TobiasGrauSIXTEEN #SalonedelmobiLe #Euroluce ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 7

23/04/2019 • Several installations showcased our new portable lamps SALT&PEPPER and PARROT at Salone del Mobile. These completely cable-free ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 8

18/04/2019 • The fluid, cable-free lamp with adaptable body and innovative charging stone. Pick up PARROT and experience a new freedom of ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 9

14/04/2019 • The exhibition Like The Sun showcases the brand’s new portable lamps PARROT and SALT&PEPPER. Two monolith structures curate ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 10

13/04/2019 • Tobias Grau returns to Salone del Mobile with a new brand identity and portable lights. The exhibition concept develops the ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 11

13/04/2019 • FLYING feels like a high summer’s day, when line and form refine in the sunlight and not a single cloud drifts across the blue. ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 12

12/04/2019 • Majestic FLYING floats in space. Freely lowered and raised, this versatile suspension luminaire casts a beautiful wash of light ...