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10/11/2019 • The jersey inserts make our hybrid shirt a comfortable companion in all situations. For the casual look combine the shirt with ...


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09/11/2019 • Take a look behind the scenes. Fencing is one of the oldest sports in the world and stands for virtues that we value: tradition, ...


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08/11/2019 • Style meets luxury. Highest quality and a modern tailored fit make the Hybrid Shirt unique. Check out all the styles and feel the ...


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06/11/2019 • FREEDOM. The only shirt to move in. Wear it and feel the difference with the exclusive van Laack Hybrid Shirt. ___ #vanlaack ...


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05/11/2019 • DYNAMIC. Moving forward is the only direction. The Hybrid Shirt is the perfect piece for a dynamic lifestyle. ___ #vanlaack ...


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04/11/2019 • INNOVATION. You can have both: comfort and style in one shirt. Discover our innovative design and be part of this revolution. ...


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03/11/2019 • UNIQUENESS. Wearing our Hybrid Shirt is a unique experience. Find your favorite style and feel it for yourself. ___ #vanlaack ...


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02/11/2019 • PRECISION. Highest quality is our mantra. Feel the perfection with the exclusive van Laack Hybrid Shirt. ___ #vanlaack ...


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01/11/2019 • COMFORT. We set a new standard. The Pima Cotton Jersey inserts makes our Hybrid Shirt the most comfortable piece you’ll ever ...


31/10/2019 • LUXURY. Our traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials make the Hybrid-Shirt so special you‘ll feel it. #vanlaack ...


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31/10/2019 • STYLE. Choose your favorite. Our timeless designs are perfect for your business wardrobe as well as your everyday look. ...


31/10/2019 • IN MOTION. It‘s time for a new era. Join the movement and discover the exclusive van Laack Hybrid Shirt. #vanlaack #hybridshirt ...