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instagram joop 1

29/05/2020 • Move over, coffee. Today is the day for having some cocktails again. Celebrate #joopbluehourbar and find the JOOP! Gin Fizz ...


instagram joop 2

27/05/2020 • Spotlight is on with the JOOP! Jewellery and Watches Collection! #joop ...


instagram joop 3

23/05/2020 • Summer State of Mind with JOOP! - All new styles online. #joop ...


instagram joop 4

21/05/2020 • Cheers to all the fathers out there: Happy Father's Day! #joop #joopbluehourbar ...


instagram joop 5

20/05/2020 • Love at first sight - Explore the JOOP! Jewellery and Watches Collection online. #joop ...


instagram joop 6

17/05/2020 • Live every hour like it's JOOP! Blue Hour - find the JOOP! Negroni recipe in the story highlights. #joop ...


instagram joop 7

15/05/2020 • The night is yours in JOOP! - Discover the latest collections online. #joop ...


instagram joop 8

13/05/2020 • It's JOOP! Blue Hour Bar - Dressed for having some cocktails again. #joop ...


instagram joop 9

10/05/2020 • It`s time to say thank you from the heart to your loved mother. Even if the current situation separates you send out some love. ...


instagram joop 10

07/05/2020 • "My son is my anchor - he is challenging me every day but in him I found my biggest luck. He makes me smile every day." Meet ...


instagram joop 11

05/05/2020 • Meet the JOOP! Family! Our power women, working mum and Head of Marketing Indra with her son Marlon. #joop #joopfamily ...


instagram joop 12

04/05/2020 • Don`t forget to give your mother a reason to smile. Next Sunday is Mother`s Day. Find now the perfect present for your mom online ...