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28/04/2020 • At Poggenpohl, we prioritize unique space design. A real game-changer was the development of the kitchen island. The creative use ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 2

21/04/2020 • Make your +MODO kitchen not only the heart of your home but also the heart of your memories. A kitchen comes to life through its ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 3

17/04/2020 • +SEGMENTO’s clear design is the perfect balance to the challenges of everyday life. The minimalistic space allows you to ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 4

10/04/2020 • Values as emotional closeness and solidarity are increasingly coming to the fore - especially in times like these. Personal ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 5

10/04/2020 • The pure, minimalistic +VENOVO design enables and encourages quick interaction by creating living spaces in which essential and ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 6

27/03/2020 • We keep working on your visions, even if the stores are currently not open to the public. Your local store manager is still here ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 7

20/03/2020 • +VENOVO - The kitchen that stands out through its uniqueness and fits into every life. Wood, metal, ceramic, hot, cold, smooth, ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 8

30/09/2019 • Expressive purism: The iconic +SEGMENTO monolith newly presents itself in an earthy, vivid ceramic material. Make a kitchen ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 9

26/09/2019 • Black sensation: Discover the new interpretation of the iconic +MODO. With matching black details, including elements made from ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 10

20/09/2019 • Let your kitchen shine: Poggenpohl is the first manufacturer to introduce this fascinating surface material in kitchen design. ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 11

17/09/2019 • “We’ve never spent so much time in the kitchen as we do today. Whether it’s with friends or family – the modern kitchen ...


instagram poggenpohlkitchens 12

11/09/2019 • More shelving? Higher cabinets? Wider drawers? It’s up to you. +SEGMENTO Y fits around you, not the other way ...