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instagram steltondesign 1

06/04/2020 • Coffee time! The classic Cylinda-line French press will make you a wonderful rich cup of coffee which will go perfectly with an ...


instagram steltondesign 2

05/04/2020 • Get ready for Easter with beautiful flowers, branches and eggs on strings. The Hoop vase is perfect for this purpose and it can ...


instagram steltondesign 3

04/04/2020 • Once upon a time, there was a little penguin… It can be a challenge to get children to sit quietly at the dinner table, but ...


instagram steltondesign 4

03/04/2020 • Ready for a relaxing weekend? or perhaps even an Easter staycation? Take it easy, take care and enjoy! ⁠ #steltondesign ...


instagram steltondesign 5

31/03/2020 • On the sunny side… The EM77 in the new spring colour ‘lemon’ will brighten up any day and bring sunshine into your home. If ...


instagram steltondesign 6

29/03/2020 • Colour your day! And enjoy your favourite drink in your favourite cup. This To Go Click cup keeps your tea or coffee warm for ...


instagram steltondesign 7

28/03/2020 • Summertime is coming! - set the clock tonight. This beautiful and discrete version is designed by German @jehslaub and it comes ...


instagram steltondesign 8

26/03/2020 • No more pepper dust on your table – the Pleat pepper grinder comes with a small tray where you can place it after use. ...


instagram steltondesign 9

24/03/2020 • Are you ready for the salad season? Join our GIVEAWAY action where the lucky follower can win the new elegant Hoop serving bowl ...


instagram steltondesign 10

22/03/2020 • Boost the immunesystem with a fresh and homemade juice full of important vitamins 🍊 served in the new Pilastro drinking ...


instagram steltondesign 11

21/03/2020 • Waiting patiently for warmer weather so we can start using the new and elegant Sixtus cutting board and grill set designed by ...


instagram steltondesign 12

19/03/2020 • Be bold this season and introduce som bright colours into your kitchen, like this classic EM77 vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen in ...