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26/05/2020 • Steven Bathiche shares how real life scenarios translate to the digital ...


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26/05/2020 • Stay productive on Surface Book 3 with the Windows you know and the Microsoft 365 apps you rely on every day... or enjoy the best ...


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21/05/2020 • See the world in the way that’s right for you. Windows Settings > Ease of Access > Display ...


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21/05/2020 • Meet the laptop that can handle your biggest demands. The most powerful Surface laptop yet combines speed, graphics, and ...


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20/05/2020 • The new Surface Go 2 is compact enough for a kid, but big enough to capture their imagination. Foster budding creativity with ...


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19/05/2020 • Seeing more faces means making more connections. View up to 9 participants in a meeting on Microsoft ...


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19/05/2020 • The Surface Go 2 is as flexible as it is portable. Adjust the kickstand to the most comfortable angle for what you're doing and ...


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15/05/2020 • Equal parts stunning and soothing, explore the colors of the Surface family. Protect your investment with Surface Go Sleeve for ...


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14/05/2020 • “While you create the thing on your mind, you do not want to think about the computer all the time.” Dive into the deeper ...


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12/05/2020 • Available now, the new Surface Go 2 lets you connect the way you want to with tablet portability, laptop versatility with built ...


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12/05/2020 • That’s the sound of triple-tapping Surface Earbuds to automatically launch and play Spotify. What it sounds like after that is ...


instagram surface 12

12/05/2020 • Surround yourself with spectacular Omnisonic sound for music, shows, and calls. Stay focused with adjustable noise cancellation. ...