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06/04/2020 • The SALT&PEPPER WHO Edition: a beacon of comfort and light. For every lamp sold, we will donate 10% proceeds to the WHO's ...


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04/04/2020 • Solidarity: SALT&PEPPER - The WHO Edition. We are proud to launch this new red edition of our portable lamp, with proceeds from ...


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02/04/2020 • SALT & PEPPER: your portable dose of sunlight. Our award-winning lamp combines its smooth hourglass form with advanced ...


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31/03/2020 • Every step of the way. Carry light, with our award-winning portable lamp PARROT. #tobiasgrau #interiors #lamp #portablelamp ...


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28/03/2020 • Lightfall A dazzling shower of NICEONE pendant luminaires hangs in the Tobias Grau foyer. #tobiasgrau #interiors #lighting ...


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26/03/2020 • Stay creative with PARROT. Designed by Timon and Melchior Grau, this fully portable lamp transforms light from static source to ...


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24/03/2020 • #Homeoffice: carry light wherever you need it. Award-winning PARROT is a fully portable and height-adjustable lamp, so you can ...


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22/03/2020 • Designed by BRT architects and with interior design by Tobias Grau, our HQ is a pioneering example of sustainable and ...


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21/03/2020 • MOVE AROUND, even when you're stuck at home. The stunning circular suspension lamp MOVE AROUND DIRECT ripples with reflection ...


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20/03/2020 • Thrilled to finally announce that Tobias Grau is now available on WallpaperSTORE*, @store.wallpaper, Shop ...


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19/03/2020 • Lift up and light. Wherever you place portable light PARROT, enjoy a beautiful, sun-like disc of illumination from its high ...


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17/03/2020 • Sensory pleasures. SALT&PEPPER is a fully portable, battery-powered table lamp: smooth to hold, seamless to use, and luminous in ...