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24/01/2020 • A new form of light. From left to right, newcomers to our collection: portable lamp SALT&PEPPER, suspension lamp FALLING WATER, ...


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23/01/2020 • Light descending a staircase. With its abstract figure form, our portable lamp PARROT champions mobility and creative gesture. ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 3

22/01/2020 • Majestic FLYING floats in space. Freely lowered and raised with a patented height adjustment system, this versatile suspension ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 4

21/01/2020 • Highlights, blacks, and blues: An evening of light and music in our Cologne store, co-hosted with PIN-UP Magazine. Featuring our ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 5

20/01/2020 • For desk-time or downtime, SALT&PEPPER adds flavour day or night. This fully portable lamp offers up to 100 hours’ of battery ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 6

19/01/2020 • Rhythm of the light Suspension luminaire MOVE ALONG adds sculptural presence and supple flow to any setting. Fitted with a ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 7

18/01/2020 • All set. GEORGE FLOOR is a statement tripod lamp inspired by classic movie set lighting and mid-century automobile design. Enjoy ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 8

17/01/2020 • JOHN: there‘s no better light for getting things done. The latest edition of our iconic desk lamp is making its Germany debut ...


16/01/2020 • Portable lamp PARROT champions creativity and fluidity through space. Photography: @alessiobolzoni Sound: @egonelliut ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 10

15/01/2020 • Bright star of our @immCologne display, FLYING is winner of a Gold German Design Award 2020. This ethereal suspension luminaire ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 11

14/01/2020 • A stroke of genius. Discover STUDIO, our super flexible and high-performance spotlight system, offering maximum versatility of ...


instagram tobiasgrau_official 12

14/01/2020 • PARROT: pick up, pin-up. We’re thrilled to have our portable lamp PARROT featured in issue 27 of Pin-Up Magazine. ...