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vimeo philipbloom vimeo : Philip Bloom

Fujinon MK Cinema lenses with the RED Komodo & Canon RF

"Six Weeks Earlier" Filmed with the Z Cam E2-F6 & E2 M4

240 fps on Waterloo Bridge

2nd movement, 7th symphony, Beethoven, 240fps, slow motion, London, low light, Waterloo bridge, video camera, s35, canon, cinema camera, 4k, full frame, sony, review, hp, fx9, z book, sony fx6, a7s iii, philip bloom

The Paddleboarder: Sony A7S III in ProRes RAW w/ Atomos Ninja V

Now I See Part 2: Sony A7S III

"Distance" Z Cam E2 & Atomos Ninja V w/ ProRes RAW

Good Friday - 18th day of lockdown - Richmond, South West London

Lockdown day 1: 24/3/20 West London

The last day of normality 19/3/20 - Richmond, UK

high street, pubs, city centre, people, social distancing, restaurants, closed, Richmond, covid-10, corona virus, quiet, lockdown

Postcard from Miami Beach

Clock - 2020

The White Cross: Sony FX9 Low Light

Charmolipi: a feeling of joy and sorrow

kittens, documentary, Philip Bloom, cats, Greece, Skiathos

Harriet The Beach Cat

Skiathos, rescue cat, stray cat, Philip Bloom, greek cat, Greece

Skiathos in infrared

vision, kolari, drone, mavic, Philip Bloom, dji, infrared

A fair Chance: Blackmagic Pocket 4K/ Fuji MK cine lenses

Richmond Green: 4K 120fps Z-Cam E2

Philip bloom, surrey, richmond, 120fps, e2, z cam, 4k

The Bournemouth Silhouette

The Castle & The Snow: DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Osmo Pocket

dpi, Oslo poclet, Philip bloom. drone, film comvert, castle, mavic 2, devizes

Richmond Hill with the Kinefinity MAVO LF

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