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 pimcore - CMS + Shopsystem

The premier Open-Source
Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement Management Platform.

The most flexible Open-Source
Web Content Management Platform
Any Content. Any Device.

Create outstanding digital experiences on the most flexible content management platform available. Manage and edit any type of digital content, for any device and channel in a 100% flexible and personalized way.
True Multi-Channel Management: Desktop, Mobile/App, Social and Print

Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionality making it easy to manage, update, and integrate content and data from various sources. With pimcore brands can create and manage rich digital experiences for all of their output channels at once: web, mobile, apps, social platforms, print and digital signage. With pimcore you can truly “edit once & reuse anywhere”.


Enterprise Content Management System - eCMS


CMS, Filemanager, Shopsystem